Our names are Henry and Yelena.  Three years ago we were eating a “healthy" American diet: whole wheat breads, low-fat meats and dairy, and lots of fruits and vegetables.  We were also working out regularly.  The problem was that our weight had been gradually increasing along with Henry’s triglycerides and blood pressure.  Around this time, Henry’s sister got diagnosed with Melanoma, yet the doctors really couldn’t explain why she had gotten it.  Her illness, combined with our own growing concerns about health, got us thinking and compelled us to learn more about disease and aging.  During our research we discovered that many of the conventional ideas and beliefs held about health are wrong.  Along the way, we have found a new health paradigm which greatly improved our health and the health of our family and friends.  We have created this free website to share this knowledge and to help others to take charge of their health.

Few things in life are as obvious as the poor state of health of most Americans.  This includes thin people, who often mistakenly assume that their bodies are running optimally.  Most of us blame it on our genes or fate but regardless of your genetic predisposition, you can make huge changes to your health today.  This is not magic, it's just biology and chemistry based on the latest scientific research.  This website will show how, with just a few dietary changes, you can vastly improve your body composition and energy levels, get rid of many diseases and live a longer, healthier life. 

There are many similar approaches that have already helped hundreds of thousands of people: low-carb diet, paleo diet, primal diet, ketogenic diet, etc..  They all work, and what makes them effective is that they all advocate eating less carbohydrates to achieve greater health and weight loss.  The uniqueness of our website is in how we condense the best ideas to make it very straight forward and easy to use. With no books to buy and nothing to sell, we simply want to help you make better health choices in your everyday life.  You don't have to trust us, you can click on the "Research" tab and read for yourself.

So, if you're ready to:

  1. Go on the "The Great Reset"  for 6 weeks to convert your metabolic engine from a sugar burner to a fat burner.

  2. After the Reset, continue eating most of your food from the Green category in the "Food Chart".  Depending on your goals and level of health, a little (ch)eating from the Red category in the "Food Chart" is acceptable.

Please read the summary below on how and why it works... 


Epigenetics is a new field of science which studies environmental factors like diet, toxin and stress that activate chemical switches to regulate gene expression. 
Dietary nutrients affect our epigenome
, which simply means that what you eat, can change your genes and the genes of your kids.

The Great Reset will convert you into an efficient fat burner by altering your genes back to the default setting you had at birth.  Our bodies can use fat or carbohydrates for our daily energy needs.  Animal fats have been vilified for years as unhealthy while Americans were advised to eat a low-fat diet high in "complex" carbohydrates (which are eventually broken down into simple sugars).  But it is fat, not sugar, that is the preferred fuel of the human metabolism.  Our survival as a species depended on this, because our bodies can't store much sugar.  However, we have an almost unlimited capacity to store fat.  Since it has been used for most of human evolution, fat is a more efficient, cleaner fuel and is preferred by most of the cells in our body. Excess sugar, on the other hand, causes glycation, increases inflammation, speeds up aging and is the preferred fuel for cancer cells.

Eating a high carbohydrates diet to fuel your sugar burning engine will cause your body to release the hormones: Insulin and Leptin, and cause gradual insulin resistance and eventually leptin resistance as well.  Every time your cells are exposed to insulin, they become a little more insulin resistant.  Insulin resistance and leptin resistance are the root of all chronic diseases and aging itself.  If we can reduce the amount of insulin and leptin released, we can slow down the rate of aging.  In addition, insulin and leptin resistance is the major cause of infertility and difficulties in conceiving.

Inflammation is our body's response to injury.  It is necessary for proper healing and should be short in duration.  It starts to become a problem when the response is chronic and overwhelms our repair system.  Continued consumption of foods which cause minor inflammation (like gluten from wheat, excess omega-6 from vegetable oils, fructose, trans fats and soy) contribute to chronic inflammation and all the diseases associated with it.  In addition, chronic inflammation may cause chronic pain.  Arthritis pain is a great example of this.

Dietary saturated fat and cholesterol from meat, dairy and eggs are not the major cause of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  There is plenty of scientific evidence for this already, and you can read about it here.  Every day more and more research is coming out to exonerate fat, but conventional medical wisdom is very slow to change.  Remember, after the negative effects of smoking were proven, it took decades for the American Medical Association to say that cigarettes were unsafe.  In addition, drug companies are making a lot of money selling dangerous cholesterol lowering drugs to millions of people who don't need them.  They have no incentive to do research on this diet because you can't put a good diet into a pill.

The Great Reset will lead to a healthy fat loss for most people, especially the visceral fat, which is linked to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and many inflammatory diseases.  Even thin people can be skinny-fat with hidden visceral fat.  But weight loss is not our primary focus, improving your health is.  Weight loss should be a byproduct of healthy eating, not accomplished at the expense of your health. 

The reason crash diets don't work is because they are temporary.  Most people will revert back to their old weight soon after quitting them.  A permanent change of both diet and lifestyle is necessary for a lasting change, especially for people who have a history of weight gain.  There is more to weight loss than just diet, but becoming a fat-burner will stabilize your hunger levels and optimize your insulin and leptin hormones.  This will provide a necessary foundation for a sustained weight loss.  Adding a moderate amount of exercise will also be quite beneficial.  For women, optimizing your hormone levels is especially important.  Finally, we need to keep in mind that weight loss doesn't happen overnight and it is usually much slower for women than men.

To summarize, to achieve optimal health & longevity...

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Disclaimer:  We're not doctors or health care practitioners.   The statements made here are only our views and opinions and should not be taken as a substitute for qualified medical advice.  Consult with your doctor or health care provider before starting any regimen mentioned here.