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  Super tasty & healthy grass-fed butter.  There is no equal.  

  Amazingly fresh & flavorful. 

Expeller-Pressed oil has no coconut flavor and therefore is perfect for cooking.  

  A highly nutritious and inexpensive food.  Buy packed in olive oil or water only.

  It's not easy to find clams that are BPA-free and packed in olive oil.

A tasty high-fat, low-carb  snack.  Eat by the spoonful!

  Texture is like noodles but flavor is neutral.  Incredible in soups & stir-fries.  

Transforms many dishes. Try wrapping eggs & bacon in a sheet.  It's a good deal too.
A great chocolate for baking. 

A great tasting cocoa powder.

We use dental powder because most toothpastes contain glycerin (prevents tooth re-mineralization) & fluoride (a toxic chemical ).
Chemical free, full spectrum UVA/UVB sunsblock.  Most other sunblocks only block UVB but, UVA is more powerful

This salt is not only very pure, it is also rich in minerals and trace elements. 

Great for making Jello, but much healthier/tastier because it's home-made.
Upgrades your bathroom experience with this easy-to-install bidet kit.

It often works wonders for nausea or an upset stomach.




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