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Blood has certain markers which can be used to gauge your overall level of health.

These blood tests can create a baseline which can then be compared against later results.  The second set of tests can be taken 1 year later, once your weight has been stable for a few months.

If you don't have health insurance or your doctor refuses to order some tests for you, you can always order your own blood tests here: 


  Blood Test Name      
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  Desired Results
According to the links below
  HS CRP (highly sensitive C-Reactive protein)    Less than 1.0
  Fasting Triglycerides    Under 60
Vitamin D 25(OH)D    Between 30-50 ng/mL (75-125 nmol/L)
  Fasting Insulin    Under 6 IU/mL
  Fasting Morning Glucose    Under 86 mg/dL
  Homocysteine    Under 9
  HBA1C    Under 5.6
  Serum ferritin    Optimal range is 25 – 75 ng/ml.
     (Values over 200 ng/ml for women and
  300 ng/ml for men may signal an iron
  overload, which is a serious medical
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